We aim to have a comprehensive and fast set of tests, implemented using a modern, well-supported version of RSpec. These tests include both unit specs for individual classes, and integration specs that ensure the client works properly with an actual Riak instance.


  1. Figure out what a feature should do.
  2. Write integration specs in spec/integration/.
  3. Observe their failure, commit them.
  4. Figure out what implementation will be necessary.
  5. Write implementation specs in spec/riak/.
  6. Observe their failure commit them.
  7. Develop feature.

Project RSpec Standards

These standards are in place to ensure that specs are easy and predictable to run, develop, and maintain. In general, we strive to match Better Specs standards. In particular:

Configuring for Running Tests

The Riak Ruby Vagrant virtual machine’s Riak configuration is normally used to test this client in development. Once it’s up and running, configure the Ruby test_client.yml on the host machine to connect to pb_port: 17017 and test away.

Configuring the Riak node the tests connect to is done via the spec/support/test_client.yml file, which is loaded into a Ruby hash with symbolized keys, and passed to Riak::Client.new.

# test_client.yml
pb_port: 10017
# authentication:
#   user: user
#   password: password
#   ca_file: spec/support/certs/ca.crt

Spec dependencies

Specs depend on the following Riak configurations:

The following bucket types are used during testing:

riak-admin bucket-type create counters '{"props":{"datatype":"counter", "allow_mult":true}}'
riak-admin bucket-type create other_counters '{"props":{"datatype":"counter", "allow_mult":true}}'
riak-admin bucket-type create maps '{"props":{"datatype":"map", "allow_mult":true}}'
riak-admin bucket-type create sets '{"props":{"datatype":"set", "allow_mult":true}}'
riak-admin bucket-type create yokozuna '{"props":{}}'

riak-admin bucket-type activate other_counters
riak-admin bucket-type activate counters
riak-admin bucket-type activate maps
riak-admin bucket-type activate sets
riak-admin bucket-type activate yokozuna

Client tests run both with and without security enabled, as we have to test several positive and negative paths. The tests broadly depend on these users and roles:

riak-admin security add-user user password=password
riak-admin security add-user certuser

riak-admin security add-source user password
riak-admin security add-source certuser certificate

riak-admin security grant riak_kv.get,riak_kv.put,riak_kv.delete,\
search.admin,search.query,riak_kv.mapreduce on any to user